What is Keto Diet Meal Plan?

If you are trying to follow the ketogenic diet plan consistently and you are having difficulties in finding the right foods for yourself then this article will be of great help for you. If you want to achieve the best benefits from your keto diet process then you will have to follow a proper diet plan. You might be knowing that the keto diet involves only 4-7% carbs and then 65% fats and rest protein. If you will follow a fixed meal plan then you will not have any difficulties and daily confusion. Following a proper keto diet meal plan will help you in staying into ketosis for a longer time duration. You will be able to see all the expected benefits from your keto diet after that.


Keto Diet Plan

Keto diet meal plan consists of under 50 grams of carbs in a day and you have to mainly rely on fats and proteins. Fiber is also very important because it can help in improving digestion and it can also protect your gut bacteria. You will not have to deal with the constipation issues as well. A regular keto meal is having a large fat amount and this is the reason that it mainly consists of meat, eggs, fishes and dairy products as well. 

Your body needs to burn fat for the fuel and this state is called ketosis. Taking proper ketogenic meals can be of great use if you are waiting for the best health benefits from your keto diet journey. 


How you can make your keto diet meal plan?

The carbohydrate amount should be under 50 grams to achieve the benefits of ketosis. There can be people who have to reduce the number of carbohydrates for achieving the best results. This menu can also be changed according to the needs of any individual. 

You can start your day with eggs cooked in a different way every morning. You can decide when you want to make egg muffins with cheddar cheese for yourself or you want to eat scrambled eggs with Pumpkin seeds. You can also take omelet with broccoli or mushrooms. You also have the option of making a smoothie for yourself which should be containing spinach, almond milk, nut butter, and your protein powder. You can also try your eggs in butter and take them with berries. 

In your lunch, you can take a chicken salad with mayonnaise, tomatoes, onions, avocados or almond. You can also make another salad with avocados and eggs serve in lettuce wraps. You can also cook grilled salmon fish and serve it with leafy vegetables and tomatoes. Spiced cauliflower soup is also a great option with a tofu cube. If you want to have a burger then you can take grass-fed beef but do not consume it with a bun. You can also add tomato and other non-starchy vegetables. 

For dinner, you have amazing options like garlic butter shrimp with zucchini noodles. You can have chicken breast with cauliflower and green beans. Peppers, mushrooms, broccoli with stir-fried chicken can also be a great option. You can also take mushrooms and arrogance with garlic butter steak. Non-starchy vegetables are very healthy for you and you can make pork chops or other items with them. You can also make tuna salad and add avocados and tomatoes in it. 

You also have the options of amazing ketogenic snacks that you can take between your regular meals. You can consume nuts which are an amazing source of protein and a boiled egg or flax crackers by adding cheese on them. You can also make celery sticks for yourself with a dip of almond butter. You can also make smoothies for yourself binding nut butter, chia seeds or spinach. A roast turkey is also a good option.


Vegetarian Ketogenic Meals

It can be very difficult for the vegans to follow keto diet plan because most of the vegetarian food is rich in carbohydrates. The foods which are having a good amount of fats are also added with lots of carbs. Sources of vegan proteins such as beans or lentils are also high in carbohydrate amount. In the normal ketogenic diet plan, a big portion is consisting of animals only because they are low in carbs and rich in fats and proteins. It can be challenging for any vegetarian for achieving ketosis but they can consume only high-fat plant-based products. Eggs, nuts, and other dairy products can also be of great use. 


Foods which you need to avoid on Keto Diet Meal Plan

You need to avoid a wide variety of foods on your keto diet plan. You should not consume processed or breaded meats. You have to maintain a strategic distance from ice cream, sweetened yogurt, milk. You should try to stay away from nuts that are covered by chocolate and cashews are also not for you. You have to stay away from all the starchy vegetables and fruits and vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes. Bananas, citrus fruits, grapes, and pineapples are not for you as well. You have to stay away from baked food as much as possible. Do not consume rice and wheat. Here comes a very important part and that is beverages. You need to maintain distance from sugary alcoholic drinks, sports energy drinks, soda, fruit juice, and other sweetened beverages.

You can enjoy few items occasionally and they are skinless chicken breast, bacon or low-fat meat. You can also try out berries and low carbohydrate alcoholic drinks such as vodka.



You need to fix your dieting plan in the correct way so that you can achieve the desired results from the ketosis process. It will not be very difficult for you to fix your diet plan and you will soon see the best results. You can also take advice from health experts and they may also give you a detailed and personalized diet plan. But it is not compulsory because you just need to consume keto foods that can support your ketogenic diet in the best possible way. We have listed all the best items which you can consume every day and you just need to watch out your carbohydrate intake every day.