Is Popcorn Keto Friendly?

Popcorn is the ultimate snack of movie times. Everyone enjoys the combination of their favorite snacks in the way they always liked. When you try to opt for something new in your diet, hundreds of unanswered questions create questionable circumstances that make your dietary choices hard. Keto Diet is a quick weight loss process, but the most tricky part is maintaining a low carb diet and what to eat? According to many people seeking weight loss under the Keto Diet plan, they often confuse Popcorn. Is Popcorn keto-friendly or not? Popcorn Kernels contains an impressive amount of nutrients, fibers, and antioxidants, making it tasty and fulfilling. According to standard popcorn nutrients, a fact one can eat Popcorn in the limited count and still practice Ketosis under the Keto Diet plan for weight loss. 


How Many Carbs in Popcorn?

The number of carbs in Popcorn entirely depends on the type and quantity of Popcorn. People somehow believe in unrealistic lies, which somehow shatter our expectations in life. So we need to have a realistic view of our situation. If you are new to Keto Diet, you might feel anxious about the Keto-Friendly Snacks allowed to eat in Ketosis without hurting your dietary status.

Most of us seek comfort foods during a low carb diet, which might be hard to process. As our body evolves around Ketosis, making dietary choices becomes hard. So let's consider our options here to see the quantity of the carbs in Popcorn:

  1. Air Popped- It has 77.8g of carbs per 100g.
  2. Microwave popcorn- It has 57.26g of carbs per 100g
  3. Oil popped- It has 58.10g of carbs per 100g


How can you eat Popcorn while staying on the Keto Diet Plan?

There is a specific section of Keto friendly snacks that you can eat while running on Ketosis. Popcorn Keto can be one of them, depending on your eating pattern. You don't have to feel guilty about eating Popcorn or snacks because the important thing is to be in self-rule or disciplined with your dietary choices.

Sure, Popcorn is not that bad, but you need to eat in a regulated quantity to stay in Ketosis while enjoying your favorite snacks. Everyone has some guilty pleasures, but that doesn't mean you start eating it regularly. 


Keto Snacks During Ketosis

There's no snack type food directly associated with a high carb diet. Believe it or not, vegetables are your number one choice for a snack because they are low in carbs and calorie count, making them an ideal snack source for Ketosis state. But let's say that you don't want to eat veggies then here is a list of Keto friendly snacks recommended by dieticians:


  1. Keto-Friendly Nuts – Macadamias and pecans are a significant alternative to high carb snacks and could be very useful for health benefits. 
  2. Porn rinds and beef jerky – These are excellent low carb snacks that are rich in natural fat and protein powerhouse.
  3. Cauliflower – It might sound strange, but an entirely proven cauliflower is a fantastic low carb snack used as a perfect tool to stay in Ketosis without disturbing your Keto Diet Plan.


Is Popcorn Keto Safe?

Popcorn Keto alternatives are surely not your ideal snack, but believe me, it can serve your fitness goal in Ketosis without any side effects. Popcorn in Keto Diet is a double-edged sword because finding out the more you eat it will disturb your Ketosis might make you afraid of eating, but life is all about balancing everything from failures to success. Here is a quick pro tip for anyone who is indulging in any Keto Diet Plan. For most people, self-discipline around the diet might be the most healthy choice to make for losing weight, but if you intend to eat Popcorn as a favorite snack, try to balance it.


What to Choose on Keto Diet?

Popcorn Keto might be your favorite food, and it all depends on the choices that you make in your life. But always remember one thing you shouldn't be emotional about your diet because that might strangely affect your results. We see food as a favorite thing to achieve some great results because Keto Diet is all about challenging yourself and overcoming to become better.