What is the difference between Overweight and Obesity?


    Overweight Vs Obesity

    Health is very important in our lives and managing our health in a busy life is very hard to do however it is very important especially those people whose life has become bad to worse because of overweight and obesity, every single day they are trying different activates, taking supplements, and going for workout or morning walk even majority of people are having surgery and spending money beyond their income but still get disappointed these issues could cause junk food, sleeping less, and many more.

    According to 2016 result, there are 1.9 billion adults (age 18 plus) they are suffering from overweight and obesity because of obese people are facing the double burden of disease it will automatically increase several different problems such as heart disease, high cholesterol level, and  increase blood sugar

    Common problems:

    Cause of overweight and obesity medical conditions has been linked like gout, diabetes, berthing problem (asthma), high blood pressure, work out problems, at the end condition they are not able to walk. How does occur heart disease because of heart disease?

    As you know, people, who are suffering from overweight they literally have high blood pressure problem this is a major risk for heart problems. High blood pressure of cholesterol also you will have the chance to face heart problems.

    How does it occur in diabetes by being overweight?

    If you have Type 2 diabetes your body doesn’t have the ability to control blood pressure. In this condition who are overweight people are twice likely to increase type 2 diabetes.

    What is a natural solution for Overweight and obesity?

    Following natural diet rule will help you a lot and you will definitely overcome from overweight and obesity without any harmful effect otherwise now days there are plenty of supplement available in the market which are worthless if you are spending money on it and thinking you will lose weight one day that day never come let’s find out natural solution.

    • Use protein on diet plan: as you might know that protein is the king of the nutrient if you are trying to lose weight basically protein will boost your metabolism
    • Drink water: drink water as much as you can that may increase your calories you burn by 24%
    • Start to take less sugar: eating a lot of sugar will make you sick these habits occur diabetes and heart disease using less sugar is a great diet plan.
    • Drink coffee: by drinking coffee will help you to increase energy.

    Moreover, you can eat fresh veritable and fruit natural activity you can add here like go to the gym, try yoga (start with some easy steps), and many more.

    An essential aspect of treatment:

    First I would like to say about treatment first follow the natural solution and talk to you.

    Change your diet plan: you may refer yourself to a dietician who will advise you on how you can lose weight so quickly and also gives you the instruction on what should you eat or not.

    Add in daily life some physical activity: doing physical activity will also help you to burn your extra fat like dancing, going to the gym, walk in the morning and a lot of things you can do on daily basis.

    • Medication: medication may also help you to lose weight but you have to do medication under doctor knowledge because sometimes it has a side effect.
    • Surgery: it is the last stage if you are still not overcoming the weight and obese here you can take surgery.
    The basic feature of the solution:

    Following the diet plan will increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite it also changes the weight-regulating hormone in this whole time, protein plays the main role and gives you plenty of befits so that the body works well.

    • Reduce belly fat: if you are following diet plan it will improve your digest Harmon and burn your extra belly fat
    • Reduce the chance of heart disease: diet plan will also help you to decrease heart disease.
    • Improve brain function: eating good food and drinking water may improve your brain functioning
    • Feel fresh: feeling tiredness it doesn’t sound good however having diet plan make all time fresh and you look great
    How does it work?

    Here we are going to split out the topic like according to the doctor, and following the diet plan and doing some activity

    Following diet plan it means you are trying to reduce the fat naturally when you are having food too much you are not able to digest that food because of unbalancing energy then begin the problem it means your body has low metabolism which is almost mandatory for the body diet plan will send you ketosis process where your body starts in decrease body fat.

    Here you can do physical activity that will help you to digest your food quickly

    Second surgery plan is the last stage when you have done all diet plan yet you are getting the problem. Surgery will help you, they will remove your fat by the operation.


    Reducing body extra body fat will give a lot of benefits not only internal but also external. There are several benefits you will find by burring extra weight.

    • It will decrease the risk of diabetes
    • It will Blanca your blood sugar
    • It will also reduce your black pain
    • It will also decrease the Chance of heart disease.
    • It will manage mobility.
    Modern treatment:

    As you can see there are different kinds of supplement available in the market they will give advice, own my product you will see result basically those supplement has some common ingredients they actually help you to burn your fat do you those all kinds of product follow the same rule.

    Some product gives you instruction that our product follows the Ketogenic diet plan.

    Basically, the all modern supplement will help you send your body in ketosis process it means your liver produces a lot of ketones which is used as energy all those supplement focus on those areas and provide you the solution.


    As we have talked about a lot of things but if you following some diet plan and asking advice from the doctor or taking supplement those all thing effect on your body and life in a good way with help of individual solution your life becomes better and you feel confident.


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